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South America Cruises

South America Cruises

Rounding Cape Horn, sailing up the mysterious Amazon, exploring the wildlife in the Galapagos Islands, revelling in Rio just a taste of the many extraordinary cruise experiences available in South America. The most popular of South American cruise itineraries give the cruiser the unusual opportunity to experience all four seasons in just two weeks.

From the warmth of Buenos Aires or Rio and the initial ports of call in Uruguay and Argentina, cruise to the autumn cool of the Falkland Islands and cold blast of Tierra del Fuego and Chile's Punta Arenas before more spring-like weather along the Chilean fjords. You then return to steamy summer weather in the Chilean capital Santiago's port of Valparaiso.

The Port of Tampa is the largest port in the state of Florida and well worth an extended stay. Fred.\ can tailor-make you a fly cruise from Tampa It is located on the western coast or Suncoast of Florida, approximately 25 miles from open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Step into the excitement of Tampa Bay's many historical attractions as well as restaurants, shops, and bars.

A crossing of the Panama Canal is sometimes included on these cruises to South America, but if you wanted to ensure a visit along this man-made waterway, we have a number of Panama Canal cruises for you to look at.

Top South America Cruise Deals from Fred.\

Galapagos Southern Loop

5 Dec 2020 for 7 nights on board Celebrity Xpedition

Price From £7230 pp

Ports of call: Baltra - North Seymour - South Plaza - Santa Fe Island - San Cristobal - Port Baquerizo - Bahia Post Office - Cormorant Point - Elizabeth Bay - Punta Moreno - Isla Santa Cruz - Gardner Bay - Punta Suarez - Baltra

Southern Caribbean Cruise

5 Dec 2020 for 7 nights on board Celebrity Summit

Price From £1884 pp

Ports of call: San Juan - Oranjestad - Willemstad - Kralendijk - Basseterre - San Juan

Galapagos Northern Loop Cruise

5 Dec 2020 for 7 nights on board Celebrity Xploration

Price From £5244 pp

Ports of call: Baltra - Black Turtle Cove - Sullivan Bay - Bartolome Island - Urvina Bay - Caleta Tagus - Punta Espinoza - Punta Vicente Roca - Puerto Egas - Espumilla Beach - Isla Santa Cruz - El Barranco - Darwin Bay - North Seymour - Baltra

Prepare for an adventure-filled exploration through the Galapagos Islands. The islands are home to a variety of other birds including Galapagos Martins, Blue-footed Booby, Flamingos, Nazca Booby, Short-eared Owls, Red-billed Tropicbirds and Magnificent Frigatebirds. There are also land iguanas, tropical fish, Galapagos penguins, green turtles, sea lions and Galapagos fur seals native to the islands. There are plenty of opportunities to swim, snorkel, or just relax on the shore.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is a spectacular city, famous for the four-day festival Carnaval, yet there is so much more to see - the lush landscapes, the Brazilian food and Samba. From the beaches of Ipanema, Copacabana and beyond, there are numerous places to get your sun. But the striking vista of the Sugarloaf Mountain towering over the city is what will leave you mesmerized. Take the aerial tramway to Sugarloaf for a panoramic view of the city, coastline and Guanabara Bay.

Nicaragua is the largest Central American nation and has stunning landscapes, vast cultural treasures, and an intriguing history. Located on the Pacific coast of Southern Nicaragua is a scenic fishing village named San Juan del Sur. Its bay possesses beautiful white-sand beaches and ecological richness. The nearby city of Granada is the oldest city in Central America.

Costa Rica occupies a unique position, lying between two oceans and two continents. On both coasts, tropical rainforests rise to the mountains of the interior, many of which soar over 13,000 feet above sea level. In the west, a seemingly endless succession of brown-sand beaches forms the nation's Pacific coast.

Peru is a country full of history and natural beauty. The capital of Lima is close to one of the worlds most desolate deserts which is home to the famed drawings of Nazca. These geoglyphs were created by the Nazca culture between 400 and 650 AD. The hundreds of individual figures range in complexity from simple lines to stylized hummingbirds, spiders, monkeys, fish, sharks, orcas, and lizards.

In Chile you will port at Punta Arenas which lies atop rolling hills, looking out over the Strait of Magellan. In the days before the Panama Canal, this was a major port as ships plied the waters of Cape Horn. The city is also the gateway to Chilean Patagonia, a maze of fjords, rivers, steppes and mountains to the north. To the south lies the great frozen mass of Antarctica. Adventure awaits at this port near the end of the earth.

Buenos Aires, Argentina is a cosmopolitan city featuring Parisian-style confiterias cafes and popular tango clubs. Enjoy a romantic walk through one of the city's many pristine parks or along its wide boulevards in the ‘Paris of the South’.

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