Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Confirm My Booking?

When you have chosen the cruise you would like to book, you need to provide us with the following details:
• Names and addresses of all passengers
• Any medical or dietary requirements
• Preference on dining i.e. first or second sitting (please ask for times if you are unaware)
• Method of deposit payment (or balance for departures within 10wks)

After we have received this confirmation, we will book your cruise and provide you with the following:
• Receipt of deposit and letter
• Confirmation invoice
• A booking form for the relevant cruise company, which you will need to complete and return to us.

What Can I Do Once I’ve Booked?

Once your cruise is confirmed it’s time to start counting down the days until your holiday. You can also log onto the cruise operators website and start to prepare some of the activities you would like to do during your trip. You can find each cruise line’s site on our already booked page.

Shore excursions, enrichment opportunity and speciality dining options are usually available to pre-book and so you can secure your place well in advance. Alternatively, you can visit to organise a range of other independent activities.

Do I Require A Passport Or Visa?

All passengers require a full British passport in order to travel* and must have at least 6 months validity left on their passport when they return. UK citizens will require visas for some countries but not for others. In the majority of cases a visa will not be needed when travelling within the EU.

If you are taking part in one of the cruise company’s shore excursions, you may not need to get your own separate visa. Any cruises visiting the Australian sub-continent will require a visa. If you are unsure, please ask at the time of booking.

*Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines now allow passengers to travel around the UK without a passport. Therefore anyone wishing to cruise to England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland from a UK port can provide other identification instead, such as a bus pass.

Will I Need Any Vaccinations?

We will advise you of any mandatory vaccinations which the cruise company require you to have. We also advise you to check with your GP for any other requirements that there may be. You could also contact MASTA (Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad) 0906 822 4100.

How Much Luggage Can I Take?

For cruises which depart from and return to a UK port (e.g: Southampton to Southampton) you may take as much as you can carry!

Remember that the cases have to fit in your cabin though!

Fly cruises will have a luggage allowance dependant on the airline carrier, usually approx. 20 - 25kg. Remember to allow extra room for any souvenirs you wish to bring home.

What Should I Wear?

If you are hoping to travel light, it is easy to keep it simple when packing your case;

Daytime suggestions:
• Casual wear and shorts for hot weather
• Comfortable shoes for shore excursions and walking on deck! • Lightweight jacket or coat for cool evenings

Formal Night suggestions
• Men may wear a tuxedo or dinner jacket
• Women may wear formal evening wear

Informal Night suggestions
• For men, jacket and tie or a smart shirt with a blazer
• Women can wear cocktail dresses or tailored trousers

Casual Night suggestions
• For men, open necked shirts and long trousers
• Dinner jackets are not required!

You may want to enquire at the time of booking as to how many formal and casual nights are planned during your cruise. This often varies but most cruises have at least one or two Gala evenings. If you would like anymore advice; check out our blog post on what to pack for your cruise holiday.

Can I Cruise Even If I Am Not Fully Mobile?

If you are physically disabled, you must be accompanied by someone who can assist you in the case of an emergency. Most ships cater for wheelchairs and there are also cabins which are specifically designed for disabled passengers (limited amount).

For safety reasons, there may be a limit to how many wheelchairs are allowed on the ship.

Can Special Diets Be Catered For?

Diabetic, fat free, vegetarian and gluten free meals can usually be provided. Some cruise companies also provide kosher food but the production of this is unsupervised.

You must advise us of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking.

How Do I Keep In Touch With Home?

Passengers can use the telephone or fax on the ship. Many ships have onboard internet facilities in the form of cable and/or Wi-Fi connections and family members can contact passengers on the ship via telephone.

Please note there may be an extra charge for the above services! You can always send a postcard!

Do I Require Travel Insurance?

All passengers require travel cover which includes protection against cancellation, illness, loss of luggage etc.

If you would like us to help you arrange your travel insurance, we can recommend a trusted provider. Otherwise, please advise us of your insurance details once they are known.

What About Tipping?

Tipping is the traditional way of saying 'Thank you' all around the world. All the cruise lines have various guidelines to tipping but generally you are looking at approx. £3.50 per person/per day. Some cruise lines add the tips onto your onboard account for you to pay at the end. If you would prefer not to pay them, or you would like to pay more/less, you can arrange this when you disembark. Other operators will include gratuities in the price you pay before you sail and so you won’t have to worry about sorting these out separately.

What Should I Do About Currency?

Some cruise lines recommend travellers cheques. Currency can be obtained at the purser’s desk onboard the ship (there may be a limited supply), but it is often easier to source your travel money before you sail. It is important to check which currency is being used on the ship before you travel, as it isn’t always the same as that which is used in the countries you are visiting.

Please note the onboard exchange rate may change on a day to day basis.

Will I Get Seasick?

Many of the larger vessels these days have systems to reduce the amount of movement experienced on deck. However, seasickness affects everybody differently and so it can be unpredictable. If you know you have suffered from it in the past then there’s a chance it could occur again and so you may want to take prior action. For more information, you can read our blog post on everything you need to know about seasickness.

What If I Am Ill?

Any illness or injury that results in you having to cancel your cruise may be covered by your travel insurance, as long as you were unaware of this at the time of purchasing it. If you wake up on the morning of the cruise feeling unwell then it advised to declare this on the questionnaire you will be asked to fill out before stepping on board.

If illness strikes during your cruise, there will be a doctor on board to offer primary care and advise you on what to do next. You may also want to read our blog regarding the dos and don’ts of a healthy cruise.

Can I Travel Alone?

Single cruising is a growing market and so you should never be concerned about travelling on your own. Whilst some cruise lines still implement high supplements for those travelling solo, others have improved their facilities by adding designated single cabins to their ships. Our blog post on single cruising can offer more information.

Is Fred.\ Cruises A Trusted Provider?

We have excellent knowledge of the travel industry along with the experience that comes with being a Fred. Olsen company. We are a member of the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) and our holidays are protected by ATOL. Our staff are friendly and passionate about what they do and are dedicated to finding you the perfect cruise.