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Day 1 - Mon 18 Oct 2021
Dover, United Kingdom
The history and origins of the Port of Dover can be traced right back to Roman times. Since then, the Port has grown and evolved through the centuries to what it is today - one of the world's premier ports.

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18 Oct 2021
    Dover, United Kingdom
The history and origins of the Port of Dover can be traced right back to Roman times. Since then, the Port has grown and evolved through the centuries to what it is today - one of the world's premier ports.
19 Oct 2021
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20 Oct 2021
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21 Oct 2021
  12:00am Vigo, Spain
Vigo clings to the slope of Monte del Castro, overlooking a namesake bay so vast, it could shelter an entire fleet. The city's medieval heritage is seen in the narrow streets and granite houses of the Ribera del Berbes, the old fishermen's quarter. Vigo is also the gateway to Santiago de Compostela, the most venerated shrine in all Europe during the Middle Ages. Pilgrims from the four corners of Christendom flocked to the magnificent cathedral, built between the 12th and 13th centuries. The cathedral still draws thousands of daily visitors today.
22 Oct 2021
  12:00am Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, the cultural centre and capital of Portugal, is located at the mouth of the Tagus River. The port's strategic location brought about Portugal's great wave of exploration during the 15th century. Trade routes from the east brought rich and varied spices, textiles and foreign influences. Today, the soaring, mile-and-a-half-long 25th of April Bridge greets you as you enter the harbour.
23 Oct 2021
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24 Oct 2021
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25 Oct 2021
  12:00am Horta, Azores, Portugal
A hugely popular meeting point for intrepid yachties travelling across the mighty Atlantic Ocean, look out for swish private yachts as you cruise into Horta. It was also the favourite stopping-off point for 1930s transatlantic flying boats, as recorded in the fascinating Horta museum. Horta is the capital of Fayal, one of the smallest of the nine remote Azores islands which are 760 miles away from their parent country, Portugal. There is some superb scenery as you tour the island, discovering sheltered bays and hidden coves but, for the most breathtaking views, head for the huge volcanic crater, Caldera.
26 Oct 2021
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27 Oct 2021
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30 Oct 2021
  12:00am Kings Wharf, Bermuda
Perched on the tip of Bermuda's West End, King's Wharf is home to an impressive Royal Navy Dockyard. Stroll cobblestone streets among a backdrop of colorfully-painted cottages and spectacular island vistas .From the historic architecture of the capital city of Hamilton, to the postcard-come-to-life appeal of St. George's, you'll delight in the natural wonder, culture and history of this remarkable island paradise.
31 Oct 2021
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01 Nov 2021
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03 Nov 2021
  12:00am Havana, Cuba
'The most beautiful land ever seen,' said Columbus in 1492, and even today Cuba's 2,000 miles of tropical coastline, 300 beaches that melt into amazingly clear seas, and lush mountain interior will lead many visitors to concur!
04 Nov 2021
  12:00am Havana, Cuba
06 Nov 2021
At Sea
07 Nov 2021
  12:00am Cozumel, Mexico
Located 12 miles off the southern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, Cozumel is known as the gem of the Mexican Caribbean. Perhaps its name reflects the fact that its temperate, crystal clear waters range in jewel tones from stunning turquoise to deep indigo.
08 Nov 2021
  12:00am Belize City, Belize
For a fascinating adventure along the Caribbean coast of Central America, Belize has it all. From ancient Mayan ruins to a lush rainforest crawling with wildlife to the large barrier reef surrounding the city, you'll be surprised at just how much this port has to offer.
09 Nov 2021
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10 Nov 2021
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11 Nov 2021
  12:00am Cartagena, Colombia
This modern and bustling city, seaport and commercial centre still boasts much of its original Spanish colonial architecture. Explore this beautiful and historic city's walled Old Town. Its fortress walls, quaint, narrow streets and balconied houses are all vivid reminders of its former colonialists. The city's numerous monasteries, plazas and noble mansions are significant links to this region's grand past.
12 Nov 2021
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13 Nov 2021
  12:00am Puerto Limon, Costa Rica
In the surreal world of the Costa Rican rainforest, the tropical hothouse environment pushes life into a constant state of fast forward. Plants live on air, not soil. Orchids instruct insects where to land. Puerto Limon, on the Caribbean coast is a gateway to all that bio-fantasia. There are national parks, refuges, and reserves in all directions, from the coast to the jungled mountains to the volcanic parks on the road to San Jose. Closer to town, highlights for cruise visitors include Playa Bonita beach, a couple miles from down-town, and a panga-boat ride along the Tortuguero Canal, which encompasses more than 100 miles of waterways along the coast.
14 Nov 2021
  12:00am Panama Canal, Panama
Considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world, it's not surprising that travellers across the globe aspire to one day witness this marvel of engineering up close. The result of several nations' historic efforts, a Panama Canal cruise is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, best experienced by sailing through on an unforgettable cruise. Whether you appreciate the miraculous engineering that went into the making of the Panama Canal or the thrill of cruising a historically significant region of the world. The massive locks control the level of water in the Panama Canal enabling ships to pass through this 51-mile "water bridge". This entire trip takes about nine hours. Ships are lifted and lowered a total of 170 feet as they pass from the Caribbean to the Pacific, crossing over the Isthmus of Panama and straight through the Continental Divide.
15 Nov 2021
At Sea
16 Nov 2021
  12:00am Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
It's hard to throw a stick in Costa Rica and not have it hit a national park. The city of Puerto Caldera, on Costa Rica's Pacific coast, has a number of them within easy reach for cruise visitors. Just to the south, Carara is a mecca for birders, especially those chasing the scarlet macaw. Poas Volcano is inland, and rises to nearly 9,000 feet. See it before it blows again. Grab your hiking boots and a pair of binoculars. It's all a feast, wherever you go.
17 Nov 2021
  12:00am Puerto Caldera, Costa Rica
18 Nov 2021
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19 Nov 2021
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20 Nov 2021
  12:00am Acapulco, Mexico
One of Mexico's top resorts and a favourite haunt of jet-setters and stars. Acapulco is an international destination alive with gorgeous beaches and non-stop glamour. Discover the city's many local bistros with their cosmopolitan menus and delightful mariachi bands. And if you like to shop, treasures of gold, silver, semi-precious stones and diamond-cut jewellery abound at the many handicrafts markets and elegant boutiques.
21 Nov 2021
At Sea
22 Nov 2021
  12:00am Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more; its transformation into an international resort had begun. Then director John Huston chose the village as the location for his film "Night of the Iguana," starring Richard Burton. Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more, its transformation into an international resort had begun. Today, the city has its own "Gringo Gulch," a haunt of the rich and famous. Travellers are also drawn by its climate, its excellent shopping - which offers great values on leather goods, jewellery, and handicrafts - and mile after mile of palm-lined beaches.
23 Nov 2021
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24 Nov 2021
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25 Nov 2021
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26 Nov 2021
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30 Nov 2021
  12:00am Nuku Hiva, French Polynesia
Wild and untamed, born of volcanic fire, these isles are the ancient home of architect-builders who created great me'ae (ceremonial walls) - and today home to tattooists, sailors and sculptors. Step ashore to discover French Polynesia at its pristine, natural best.
01 Dec 2021
At Sea
02 Dec 2021
  12:00am Fakarava Atoll, French Polynesia
Description coming soon
03 Dec 2021
  12:00am Papeete, Tahiti, French Polynesia
Immortalized by Gauguin's paintings, Tahiti is much more than an island; it's a state of mind. Papeete, capital of Tahiti, is the chief port and trading centre. It's also a provocateur luring people to her shores. Today the island is a charming blend of Polynesian "joie de vivre" and Gallic sophistication. But venture out from Papeete, and you'll find a landscape of rugged mountains, lush rain forests, cascading waterfalls and deserted beaches.
04 Dec 2021
  12:00am Moorea, French Polynesia
French Polynesia is made up of some 130 islands, of which Tahiti is the best known. Just 12 miles across the lagoon from Tahiti lies Moorea. To discover the Polynesia of Melville, Gauguin and Michener, you must visit Moorea. This former haunt of Tahitian royalty is a place where you will still see fishermen paddling outrigger canoes, pareo-clad women strolling along the roads and children fishing from island bridges. It is an island of steep vertiginous mountains where most of its 14,000 people live along the narrow coastal shelf, with a backdrop of lush green mountains rushing upwards to fill the sky.
05 Dec 2021
  12:00am Raiatea, French Polynesia
Considered the second largest island in French Polynesia, Raiatea is situated approximately 120 miles northwest of Tahiti. For the Polynesian "Maohi," ancestor of today's Tahitian, Raiatea was known as "Sacred Havai'i" and was the centre of royalty, religion, culture and history. The principal village is Uturoa, with a population of over 10,000. This bustling port town features a colourful market and arts and crafts shops along the waterfront. Raiatea is currently undergoing a renaissance, with special attention being given to preserve the island's rich culture and heritage.
06 Dec 2021
  12:00am Bora Bora, French Polynesia
Majestic mountains sculpted by ancient volcanoes, a shimmering lagoon and a barrier reef dotted with tiny motu, or islets - welcome to Bora Bora, perhaps the most stunning island in the South Pacific. Only 4,600 people live a seemingly idyllic lifestyle in the main villages of Vaitape, Anau and Faanui. No wonder those generations of travellers - including novelist James Michener - regarded Bora Bora as an earthly paradise.
07 Dec 2021
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08 Dec 2021
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10 Dec 2021
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11 Dec 2021
  12:00am Nuku Alofa, Tonga
Nuku'alofa is the laidback capital of the small, picturesque nation of Tonga, aptly named 'The Friendly Islands' by explorer Captain Cook. If your idea of Pacific Nirvana includes picture-perfect beaches, swaying palms and cerulean waters brimming with tropical fish and coral, this is your port.
12 Dec 2021
At Sea
13 Dec 2021
At Sea
15 Dec 2021
  12:00am Auckland, New Zealand
Shop along the picturesque waterfront of this ever-expanding city, home to one-third of the country's population. From museums housing Maori artefacts to extinct volcanic peaks, this pedestrian-friendly city is the perfect combination of nature and commerce.
16 Dec 2021
  12:00am Auckland, New Zealand
17 Dec 2021
  12:00am Tauranga, New Zealand
The "Bay of Plenty" was named by Captain Cook after the prosperous Maori villages of the region generously replenished his supplies. Tauranga, the chief city, is a bustling port, an agricultural and timber centre and a popular seaside resort. Tauranga is the gateway to Rotorua, a geothermal wonderland that is the heart of Maori culture and New Zealand's primary tourist attraction
18 Dec 2021
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19 Dec 2021
  12:00am Picton, New Zealand
Located at the head of Queen Charlotte Sound, Picton is your gateway to the South Island's famed Marlborough District. Once known primarily for its lush farm lands and many sheep stations, Marlborough came to international attention thanks to a new agricultural product - wine. The release of the 1985 Cloudy Bay Sauvignon blanc put New Zealand on the map and changed the world's focus on winemaking in the Southern Hemisphere. Today, the Marlborough region boasts dramatic sea and landscapes, fascinating wine country, excellent restaurants and a number of the nation's finest gardens.
20 Dec 2021
  12:00am Wellington, New Zealand
From the top of Mt. Victoria, New Zealand's capital lies at your feet. It is a stunning vista of forested peninsulas, with a bustling waterfront, dramatic cliff-side homes and fine Victorian architecture. Despite its steep hills, the city can easily be explored on foot. Wellington is also home to many museums, gardens, winding streets and even a cable car. Many travellers compare it to San Francisco.
21 Dec 2021
  12:00am Lyttelton, New Zealand
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22 Dec 2021
  12:00am Dunedin, New Zealand
Dunedin is the old Gaelic name for Edinburgh. Uncover this "kiwi" city's Scottish heritage roots as you meander its octagon-shaped streets and quaint Victorian buildings.
23 Dec 2021
  12:00am Bluff (Invercargill), New Zealand
Description coming soon
24 Dec 2021
  12:00am Dusky Sound, At Sea, New Zealand
Steep cliffs that have been carved over centuries by dozens of waterfalls surround the largest and most complex of the many fjords along the New Zealand coast, Dusky Sound. It's also a wildlife paradise, with seals and dolphins patrolling the water, and birds like broad billed prions, mottled petrels and sooty shearwaters floating on the overhead thermals.
24 Dec 2021
  12:00am Doubtful Sound, At Sea, New Zealand
Cruise the Doubtful Sound in New Zealand and experience pure serenity, often referred to as the "Sound of Silence"
24 Dec 2021
  12:00am Milford Sound, New Zealand
Fifteen thousand years ago, glaciers carved out Fiordland National Park. Witness what nature perfected over time and its snow-capped mountains, roaring rivers filled with ice and the lush green grasslands that blanket this famed wilderness landscape in southwest New Zealand. Take a journey from the Tasman Sea up through Milford Sound while a guide points out the fascinating features of these ancient geological wonders.
25 Dec 2021
At Sea
26 Dec 2021
At Sea
27 Dec 2021
  12:00am Sydney, Australia
This "capital of the Pacific rim" offers a myriad of sights, such as the world-famous Opera House, incredible Sydney Harbour, and the golden sands of Bondi Beach to name just a few. You'll need a couple days extra to explore them all. For envious photos, don't miss the superb views from the nearby Blue Mountains or the Harbour Bridge. And if you really want to experience the land Down Under, duck into a local pub for some meat pies, Australia beer and good conversation with the friendly locals.
28 Dec 2021
  12:00am Sydney, Australia
30 Dec 2021
At Sea
31 Dec 2021
  12:00am Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
Hobart is Australia's second oldest city and state capital of Tasmania. Home to more than 90 National Trust buildings, Hobart combines colonial character with a metropolitan lifestyle. It is the gateway to Tasmania's other scenic attractions and a range of shore activities lets you experience the best of both worlds.
01 Jan 2022
  12:00am Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
02 Jan 2022
At Sea
03 Jan 2022
  12:00am Eden, Australia
Ship Deck
Overlooking the natural harbour on Twofold Bay, Eden was established in the 19th century as a whaling station and it is still an important fishing port. However, it's the outstanding natural beauty of the local scenery and the beaches which attracts many visitors. The town is surrounded by the Ben Boyd National Park, named after the founder of the nearby settlement of Boydtown, which dates from 1842. It's now disused, although the old Sea Horse Inn is still open, sitting among the ruins.
04 Jan 2022
  12:00am Newcastle, Australia
The industrial coastal city of Newcastle, two hours north of Sydney, has more to offer than coal - historic buildings, trendy beach-front eateries, friendly pubs and a burgeoning arts scene.
05 Jan 2022
At Sea
06 Jan 2022
  12:00am Brisbane, Australia
Once considered the "country cousin" of Australia's cities, Brisbane is today the nation's third largest metropolis. Lying on the banks of the Brisbane River, this cosmopolitan city boasts elegant 19th century sandstone buildings, a lively cultural scene and superb parklands. Brisbane is also the gateway to adventures with a uniquely Australian flavour, whether it is to a wildlife park, the rain-forested Mount Tamborine plateau, or the dazzling beaches of Queensland's fabled Gold Coast.
07 Jan 2022
At Sea
08 Jan 2022
At Sea
09 Jan 2022
  12:00am Townsville, Australia
Sprawled around an isthmus between Castle Hill and the Ross River, the regional city of Townsville has a sleepy tropical ambience, but there is actually lots to do. Stroll along The Strand, Townsville's spruced-up, park-lined waterfront; or climb to the top of Castle Hill for an overview of the hinterland and Magnetic Island, located offshore.
10 Jan 2022
  12:00am Cairns, Australia
The Tropical North Queensland city of Cairns is one of Australia's hottest vacation hubs. The laidback city enjoys summer temperatures year-round, alleviated by balmy breezes blowing in off Trinity Bay. Cairns' wide, tree-lined esplanades and busy waterfront are perfect for promenading, and there's plenty to do around town.
11 Jan 2022
  12:00am Cairns, Australia
12 Jan 2022
At Sea
13 Jan 2022
At Sea
15 Jan 2022
  12:00am Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
The quirky outpost of Darwin boasts museums, botanical gardens and the Adelaide River home to the famous jumping crocodiles. It's a place where memories are born and adventure is a given. Closer to Indonesia than any other Australian city, Darwin is the capital of the region known locally as the "Top End," the vast Northern Territory. Darwin is home to more than half of the territory's population, and the city and its people reflect the rugged individualism that comes from living in the harsh Outback.
16 Jan 2022
At Sea
17 Jan 2022
At Sea
18 Jan 2022
  12:00am Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
For over a century, Bali has fascinated the Western imagination. The island embodies the very essence of the exotic and mysterious East. Steep hillsides of tropical green reveal terraced rice paddies while plantations of coffee, banana, cacao and fragrant spices line the roads. Monkeys haunt the grounds of a sacred temple in a forest, while traditional villages produce intricately stylized batik, superb jewellery and beautiful paintings. And Balinese dance, with its angular movements and rhythms, remains somehow stirring and shocking. Bali may be accessible, but it remains forever exotic.
19 Jan 2022
  12:00am Benoa, Bali, Indonesia
20 Jan 2022
At Sea
21 Jan 2022
At Sea
22 Jan 2022
  12:00am Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
The second largest city in Sabah, Sandakan lies on the north east coast of Borneo. It was between 1884 and 1946 the capital of British North Borneo. In the mid-1930's Sandakan's timber export reached a record figure and at the height of the timber boom, the city boasted the highest concentration of millionaires in the world. Today it is best known as a gateway for ecotourism giving the chance to meet the 'Wild Man of Borneo'.
23 Jan 2022
  12:00am Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia
24 Jan 2022
At Sea
25 Jan 2022
At Sea
28 Jan 2022
  12:00am Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Travel from here on an overland tour to the lost city of Angkor Wat, which is the finest example of Khmer architecture in existence with its 100 magnificent temples. Built to honour the Hindu god Vishnu, Angkor Wat is the world's largest religious complex, taking nearly 40 years to complete and using the manpower of some 50,000 artisans, workers and slaves.
29 Jan 2022
At Sea
30 Jan 2022
  12:00am Singapore, Singapore
The commercial centre of Southeast Asia, this island city-state of four million people is a metropolis of modern high-rises, Chinese shop-houses with red-tiled roofs, Victorian architecture, Buddhist temples and Arab bazaars. It is a melting pot of people and cultures, Malay, Chinese, English and Tamil are official languages; Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Hinduism and Christianity are the major faiths. Ever fascinating, Singapore boasts diverse cultures, luxurious hotels, and some of the finest duty-free shopping in the world.
31 Jan 2022
  12:00am Singapore, Singapore
01 Feb 2022
At Sea
02 Feb 2022
  12:00am Phuket, Thailand
Phuket (pronounced poo-keht) is one of the premier travel destinations in Southeast Asia. Travellers from around the world are drawn to this province's stunning beaches, crystalline waters, and dramatic limestone peaks. Its mountainous interior is densely forested with mahogany, rubber trees, tropical evergreen, royal palm, ficus and bamboo. Located on Thailand's long, thin southern coast and bordering Malaysia, Phuket island boasts a rich cultural mix of Thai, Malay, Chinese and Western influences.
03 Feb 2022
At Sea
04 Feb 2022
At Sea
06 Feb 2022
  12:00am Colombo, Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka, formerly Ceylon, is a land of primeval jungles inhabited by leopards and elephants, wondrous ruins of the great civilizations of ages past, and a modern city. Colombo, the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, is where western technology meets the frenzy of a traditional Asian metropolis. As Ceylon, the island became famous for producing the world's finest teas. Bright fragrant spices, sparkling sapphires, and the colourful trappings of a variety of ceremonies and religious festivals make this a most rewarding destination for those who keep their eyes and ears open.
07 Feb 2022
At Sea
08 Feb 2022
  12:00am Kochi (Cochin), India
Located on the Kerala coast, Kochi has been a major seaport and trading centre since before the days of the Roman Empire. Here, cultures from three continents met in trade, and this legacy is seen in the city's rich heritage. Kochi boasts a Portuguese church, a Dutch palace, an exquisite Synagogue, Chinese-style fishing nets, English Tudor-style mansions and old warehouses still bursting with spices and coir. Kochi is also your southern gateway to greater India. Formerly Cochin.
09 Feb 2022
At Sea
10 Feb 2022
  12:00am Goa, India
Goa is India with a hint of Portuguese flavour. They came in the 16th century, made a fortune in the spice trade, and refused to leave until 1961, 14 years after India as a whole obtained independence from Britain. Echoes of their stay still whisper through the swaying palms, carried on soft breezes along the white sands for which Goa is justly famous - evocative but crumbling architecture, richly decorated churches, and the custom of siesta, eagerly embraced by the local population. Head to the surrounding countryside for typical Indian villages, spice plantations, and a wetland sanctuary for an exhilarating bird-watching experience.
11 Feb 2022
  12:00am Mumbai, India
India's premier metropolis is a city of stark contrasts, modern towers of steel and glass stand next to stately stone edifices from the days of the Raj. Automobiles race down the crowded streets and everywhere one confronts the paradox of India. The commercial capital of the subcontinent, a large percentage of Mumbai's population lives in hutments without running water or electricity. Yet the fabled "Gateway of India" is a place of haunting beauty, from the marble serenity of the Jain Palace to the Elephanta Caves, where sculptures of Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu were carved out of solid rock over a millennia ago.
12 Feb 2022
  12:00am Mumbai, India
13 Feb 2022
At Sea
14 Feb 2022
  12:00am Porbandar, India
Description coming soon
15 Feb 2022
At Sea
16 Feb 2022
  12:00am Muscat, Oman
Oman's capital was once a major trading centre controlled and influenced by the Portuguese. Those intrepid explores and traders are long gone. Today, visitors flock to Oman thanks to its azure air, towering desert mountains, and crystalline waters. Muscat itself is an Arabian fable sprung to life. Old 16th century forts guard the bay and the palace, while the vibrant souqs offer daggers, superb silver jewellery, and traditional crafts and costumes.
17 Feb 2022
  12:00am Fujairah, United Arab Emirates
The UAE is a federation of seven separate emirates, each with its own sheikh, and an incredibly diverse population, only 20% of whom are true Emiratis. Fujairah's mountainous landscape is a strong contrast to the other emirates, which are primarily blanketed by desert. But distances are short, and rolling golden sand dunes are close enough for an exhilarating off-road journey. If cliffs and canyons are more your style, travel by 4WD to the Hajar range, along steep and rugged winding tracks, past deep gorges and along terraced hillsides. Another option? The beaches on Fujairah's Gulf of Oman coast are among the UAE's best.
18 Feb 2022
At Sea
19 Feb 2022
At Sea
24 Feb 2022
  12:00am Aqaba, Petra, Jordan
Located in southern Jordan, Aqaba is a tourist's paradise, where the astonishingly blue Red Sea gives life to breathtaking coral reefs. The coastal city also serves as a gateway to Jordan's ancient wonders, including the revered city of Petra and historic sites in Wadi Rum.
25 Feb 2022
  12:00am Aqaba, Petra, Jordan
26 Feb 2022
  12:00am Safaga, Egypt
The port of Safaga has become a popular Egyptian seaside resort specializing in water sports and diving holidays. The unspoiled beaches and stiff breezes off the Red Sea made it the perfect site for the 1993 World Windsurfing Championships. But Safaga's real lure is being the gateway to Egypt's mighty and mysterious past, the great Temple of Karnak, the vast necropolis known as "The Valley of the Kings," the ruins of Luxor Temple, and Ramses II's great temple at Abu Simbel in Aswan.
27 Feb 2022
At Sea
27 Feb 2022
  12:00am Suez Canal, At Sea, Egypt
The Suez Canal is the world's greatest shortcut. Opened in 1869, it allowed ships to travel between Europe and Asia without having to navigate around Africa or traipse overland between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The canal's northern terminus is Port Said.
28 Feb 2022
  12:00am Suez Canal, At Sea, Egypt
01 Mar 2022
  12:00am Alexandria, Egypt
Alexander the Great travelled to Egypt after conquering Greece and selected a small fishing village in the Mediterranean for his new capital, Alexandria. It's now Egypt's second largest city, and a juxtaposition of modern influences and ancient culture.
02 Mar 2022
  12:00am Ashdod, Jerusalem/Bethlehem, Israel
Israel's largest sea port, Ashdod is your gateway to Jerusalem, a world-renowned city of great religious significance for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. Ancient sites are scattered throughout the holy city, with the golden Dome of the Rock peeking out above its skyline.
03 Mar 2022
  12:00am Ashdod, Jerusalem/Bethlehem, Israel
03 Mar 2022
  12:00am Haifa, Israel
Atop Mount Carmel in northern Israel, Haifa is your gateway to the cherished cities of Galilee and Nazareth. Make your pilgrimage to Galilee, where Jesus is believed to have performed his miracles, or explore Nazareth, widely regarded as Christ's childhood home.
04 Mar 2022
  12:00am Limassol, Cyprus
Limassol offers everything a traveller desires in a Mediterranean destination. The second-largest city on Cyprus is surrounded by a wealth of historic sites ranging from the Greco-Roman ruins at Paphos and Curium to Crusader castles. The Troodos Mountains feature quaint villages, dramatic scenery and cool, dense pine forests. The island's capital of Nicosia is a mere hour's drive from the port. And for the casual visitor, Limassol offers its own medieval castle, a superb Public Garden, excellent beaches and that exhilarating Mediterranean light.
05 Mar 2022
At Sea
06 Mar 2022
  12:00am Kusadasi, Turkey
Kusadasi is a bustling successful port that provides excellent access to the extraordinary remains at Ephesus. In Ephesus, enter the magnificent site of the Ancient City at the Magnesia Gate. Whilst Ephesus is now deserted and in ruins, the past glories come to life as the impressive array of temples, agoras, porticoes and fountains come into view. Of particular interest are the Odeum, the Celsus Library, the temple of Hadrian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Great Theatre.
07 Mar 2022
At Sea
08 Mar 2022
  12:00am Istanbul, Turkey
Istanbul has dominated the Straits of Bosphorus for 25 centuries. As Constantinople, the city was the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire, a metropolis of stunning splendour when the great capitals of Europe were mere villages. The influence of Asia and Europe, the religion of Christians and Moslems, and the culture of Turks, Persians and Asians have all found their way into the daily life of this bustling metropolis. And from the kaleidoscope of street scenes to the serenity of the surrounding waters, Istanbul offers one intriguing adventure after another.
09 Mar 2022
At Sea
10 Mar 2022
  12:00am Piraeus, Greece
With its magnificent architecture, legendary cultural attractions and unparalleled place in history, this capital city known as "the cradle of Western civilization" is a must-see destination for world travellers. A captivating blend of the classical and the contemporary, Athens boasts some of the world's oldest and most renowned landmarks, and wears its ancient heritage proudly.
11 Mar 2022
At Sea
12 Mar 2022
  12:00am Valletta, Malta
Malta is the largest in a group of seven islands that occupy a strategic position between Europe and Africa. The island's history is long and turbulent. Everyone from the Normans to the Nazis have vied for control of this small, honey-coloured rock. For centuries the island was the possession of the knightly Order of St. John - the Knights Hospitaller. Valletta, Malta's current capital, was planned by the Order's Grandmaster Jean de la Valette to secure the island's eastern coast from Turk incursions. Founded in 1566, Valletta's bustling streets are lined with superb Baroque buildings and churches.
13 Mar 2022
At Sea
14 Mar 2022
At Sea
15 Mar 2022
  12:00am Tangier, Morocco
Tangier is a city that heightens the senses, particularly in the Medina, with the wailing sounds of prayers, the flutes of the snake charmers and the noise of camels. The aromas of exotic spices and freshly baked bread, and the colourful sights of the locals in traditional costumes; women wearing veils and men in jellabas, combine to make your visit a fascinating experience.
16 Mar 2022
At Sea
17 Mar 2022
  12:00am Leixoes, Portugal
At the mouth of the Rio Douro lies the city of Porto, known mostly for its port wine trade. With origins dating back to the 5th century, there is plenty to see in this town that was named European Capital of Culture in 2001. Stroll the Ribeira neighborhood along the river, explore the Cathedral area, or tour the port lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia across the river. Savoring a taste of tawny port, tripe and seafood while here is highly recommended.
18 Mar 2022
At Sea
19 Mar 2022
At Sea
20 Mar 2022
  12:00am Dover, United Kingdom
The history and origins of the Port of Dover can be traced right back to Roman times. Since then, the Port has grown and evolved through the centuries to what it is today - one of the world's premier ports.