21 Mar

Arabian Gulf, Malta And Croatia

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Day 1 - Thu 21 Mar 2019
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai has always served as a bridge between East and West. In the past, Dubai's trade links stretched from Western Europe to Southeast Asia and China. The result was the creation of one of the most protean societies in the world. Nestled in the very heart of Islam, Dubai remains... Read More

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21 Mar 2019
12:00am   Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Dubai has always served as a bridge between East and West. In the past, Dubai's trade links stretched from Western Europe to Southeast Asia and China. The result was the creation of one of the most protean societies in the world. Nestled in the very heart of Islam, Dubai remains unique in its embrace of the West. Bedouin may still roam the desert, but Dubai also plays hosts to international tennis and golf tournaments. Tourists flock to its shores while the pace of development continues at a frenetic pace, from massive artificial islands to the astounding Burj Al Arab Hotel. Dubai is actually two cities in one: the Khor Dubai, an inlet of the Persian Gulf, separates Deira, the old city, from Bur Dubai.
22 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Dubai, United Arab Emirates
23 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Abu Dhabi meaning 'Father of the Gazelle' once a small fishing village is today one of the world's richest cities. Abu Dhabi is a combination of contemporary sophistication and Arab mystique, from a futuristic skyline and seven star hotels to the desert coast of the Persian Gulf.
24 Mar 2019
At Sea
25 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Muscat, Oman
Oman's capital was once a major trading centre controlled and influenced by the Portuguese. Those intrepid explores and traders are long gone. Today, visitors flock to Oman thanks to its azure air, towering desert mountains, and crystalline waters. Muscat itself is an Arabian fable sprung to life. Old 16th century forts guard the bay and the palace, while the vibrant souqs offer daggers, superb silver jewellery, and traditional crafts and costumes.
26 Mar 2019
At Sea
27 Mar 2019
12:00am 12:00am Salalah , Oman
Oman is commonly described as a Persian Gulf State. Strictly speaking, no part of Oman lies on the Persian Gulf: the nation occupies the south-eastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula. Salalah, its second largest city, is an anomaly in Arabia as it benefits from the climatic effects of the yearly monsoon. The city is an oasis where tropical fruits grow abundantly. But as you travel outside the city, along the white beaches of the coast or into the serene mountains, one is soon reminded of the vast desert of the Arabian Peninsula.
28 Mar 2019
At Sea
29 Mar 2019
At Sea
30 Mar 2019
At Sea
31 Mar 2019
At Sea
01 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Suez Canal, At Sea, Egypt
The Suez Canal is the world's greatest shortcut. Opened in 1869, it allowed ships to travel between Europe and Asia without having to navigate around Africa or traipse overland between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The canal's northern terminus is Port Said.
02 Apr 2019
At Sea
03 Apr 2019
At Sea
04 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Valletta, Malta
Malta is the largest in a group of seven islands that occupy a strategic position between Europe and Africa. The island's history is long and turbulent. Everyone from the Normans to the Nazis have vied for control of this small, honey-coloured rock. For centuries the island was the possession of the knightly Order of St. John - the Knights Hospitaller. Valletta, Malta's current capital, was planned by the Order's Grandmaster Jean de la Valette to secure the island's eastern coast from Turk incursions. Founded in 1566, Valletta's bustling streets are lined with superb Baroque buildings and churches.
05 Apr 2019
At Sea
06 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Dubrovnik, Croatia
On the beautiful Adriatic coast sits the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik, where medieval ramparts encircle a tight maze of narrow streets and ornate stone buildings. The walls, completed in the 13th century, have a circumference of more than a mile and a half, and along with the Old City, have been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
07 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Hvar, Croatia
It's easy to see why Hvar is such a popular town on this beautiful Dalmatian Riviera island, where terracotta tiled houses cling to the lush hillside rising from the pretty yacht-filled harbour.
08 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Venice, Italy
Located at the head of the Adriatic Sea, an intricate web of tiny islands and canals make up the enchanting city of Venice. In this intimate setting where gondoliers serenade, delicate bridges lead to winding cobblestone streets, and glorious renaissance architecture form a fairy-tale backdrop, it is no wonder that many people feel it is the world's most romantic destination.
09 Apr 2019
12:00am 12:00am Split, Croatia
Pine-clad hills, secluded coves, beaches - Split and the Dalmatian Riviera have been premier destinations on the Adriatic since the days of the Roman emperors. In fact, medieval Split was built within and around the palace complex built for the emperor Diocletian in his retirement. (The complex included both a villa and a castrum - a Roman camp capable of garrisoning three legions!) The charms that soothed an emperor are still evident today. The Dalmatian Riviera offers the traveller a heady blend of natural beauty and fascinating cultural sites.
10 Apr 2019
At Sea
11 Apr 2019
  12:00am Malta, Malta
The fortifications at Malta’s Grand Harbour speak volumes about her past, indeed her reputation for valour during the Second World war earned her the George Cross and there aren’t too many islands you can say that of!