03 Jan

Antarctica Cruise

Princess Cruises Coral Princess

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Day 1 - Sun 03 Jan 2021
Santiago, Chile
Desription coming soon

Cruise Details

What's included:

  • Shipboard accommodations
  • Ocean transportation
  • Most meals
  • Some beverages
  • Most entertainment aboard the vessel

What's not included:

  • Shore excursions
  • Specialty restaurant fees
  • Some beverages
  • Photographs
  • Gratuities/service fees
  • Medical services
  • Spa treatments

Book With Confidence

  • Fully ABTA and ATOL Protected
  • Complete Financial Protection
  • Quality Cruise holidays at Exceptional Prices


Day Date Port Arrive Depart
03 Jan 2021
6:00pm   Santiago, Chile
Description coming soon
04 Jan 2021
At Sea
05 Jan 2021
At Sea
06 Jan 2021
At Sea
07 Jan 2021
7:00pm 7:00am Punta Arenas, Chile
Punta Arenas lies atop rolling hills, looking out over the Strait of Magellan. In the days before the Panama Canal, this was a major port as ships plied the waters of Cape Horn. Punta Arenas remains a prosperous town, today, thanks to its rich natural resources. The city is also the gateway to Chilean Patagonia, a maze of fjords, rivers, steppes and mountains to the north. To the south lies the great frozen mass of Antarctica. Adventure awaits at this port near the end of the earth.
08 Jan 2021
8:00pm 12:00pm Ushuaia, Argentina
Ushuaia is the southernmost city in the world and one of two main cities on the island territory of Tierra del Fuego. Shared by Argentina and Chile, "The Land of Fire" features unforgettable scenery and trails of discovery framed by the sea, forests, lakes and mountains.
09 Jan 2021
8:00am 7:00am Cape Horn, At Sea, Chile
The route around Cape Horn, prior to the Panama Canal and the transcontinental railroad, was important for trade and passenger ships taking goods and people from either coasts of the United States.
10 Jan 2021
12:00am 12:00pm Antarctic Penninsula, At Sea, Antarctica
Description coming soon
11 Jan 2021
12:00am 12:00am Antarctic Penninsula, At Sea, Antarctica
12 Jan 2021
12:00am 12:00am Antarctic Penninsula, At Sea, Antarctica
13 Jan 2021
12:00pm 12:00am Antarctic Penninsula, At Sea, Antarctica
14 Jan 2021
At Sea
15 Jan 2021
6:30pm 8:00am Stanley, Falkland Islands
Capital of the Falklands since 1845, tiny Stanley lies on the windswept tip of East Falkland Island. The Falklands long served as a way station for ships, particularly whalers, bound to and from Cape Horn. The islands' rigorous environment is immediately apparent: Stanley Harbour is dotted with the hulks of vessels that succumbed to the fierce winds and waves of the South Atlantic. While their strategic location led to important roles in both World Wars, the islands are best remembered as the cause of the 1982 war between Argentina and the United Kingdom. Today, travellers increasingly journey to the islands to view their rich assortment of bird and marine life.
16 Jan 2021
At Sea
17 Jan 2021
At Sea
18 Jan 2021
5:00pm 8:00am Montevideo, Uruguay
A charming city made up of 19th century Beaux Arts buildings, parks, and historic monuments, Montevideo is home to more than half of the nation's three million citizens. Small in size, but large in status, Montevideo is an example of stability and democracy envied by her larger neighbours, and she is one of the most literate nations in the world, with a tradition of humanism and social justice.
19 Jan 2021
  5:00am Buenos Aires, Argentina
It's called the "Paris of the South," and Buenos Aires does flaunt its European heritage. One of the pleasures of this cosmopolitan city is simply absorbing its charm and flavour, from Parisian-style confiterias cafe's, to the popular tango clubs. Enjoy a romantic walk through one of the city's many pristine parks or along its wide boulevards.