09 May

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Day 1 - Sat 09 May 2020
Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles is a huge metropolis with Hispanic roots and Hollywood glam. San Pedro & Long Beach serve as the ports of Los Angeles and the gateway to the numerous neighbourhoods and districts of "L.A." waiting to be explored. You can find restaurants, shopping and museums, all of... Read More

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What's included:

  • Shipboard accommodations
  • Ocean transportation
  • Most meals
  • Some beverages
  • Most entertainment aboard the vessel

What's not included:

  • Shore excursions
  • Specialty restaurant fees
  • Some beverages
  • Photographs
  • Gratuities/service fees
  • Medical services
  • Spa treatments

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Day Date Port Arrive Depart
09 May 2020
4:00pm   Los Angeles, USA
Los Angeles is a huge metropolis with Hispanic roots and Hollywood glam. San Pedro & Long Beach serve as the ports of Los Angeles and the gateway to the numerous neighbourhoods and districts of "L.A." waiting to be explored. You can find restaurants, shopping and museums, all of world-class calibre. Plus, parks, hiking trails and walking tours, too. And beaches? There's a whole coastline of choices -- from Redondo and Santa Monica to the shores of Malibu.
10 May 2020
At Sea
11 May 2020
At Sea
12 May 2020
5:00pm 8:00am Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more; its transformation into an international resort had begun. Then director John Huston chose the village as the location for his film "Night of the Iguana," starring Richard Burton. Puerto Vallarta was sleepy no more, its transformation into an international resort had begun. Today, the city has its own "Gringo Gulch," a haunt of the rich and famous. Travellers are also drawn by its climate, its excellent shopping - which offers great values on leather goods, jewellery, and handicrafts - and mile after mile of palm-lined beaches.
13 May 2020
At Sea
14 May 2020
5:00pm 8:00am Huatulco, Mexico
This small beach and fishing village is perfectly situated at the foothills of the Sierra Madre and the Pacific coastline, providing over 20 miles of unspoiled beaches to explore. For an unforgettable adventure, go in search of the secret coves and hidden lagoons within its nine bays. These nine bays bordered by 36 golden-sand beaches form the beautiful Las Bahias de Huatulco in the state of Oaxaca.
15 May 2020
At Sea
16 May 2020
6:00pm 7:00am San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua
Nicaragua is the largest Central American nation and has stunning landscapes, vast cultural treasures, and an intriguing history. Located on the Pacific coast of Southern Nicaragua is a scenic fishing village named San Juan del Sur. Its bay possesses beautiful white-sand beaches and ecological richness. The nearby city of Granada is the oldest city in Central America. Founded on the shores of the "Great Lake," it has become a thriving port and community set amid an astonishing landscape.
17 May 2020
7:00pm 7:00am Puntarenas, Costa Rica
To Spanish explorers, the rumours of gold and vast riches could only mean that this section of Central America was the Costa Rica, the "Rich Coast." Hailed as the Switzerland of the Americas, Costa Rica occupies a unique position, lying between two oceans and two continents. On both coasts, tropical rainforests rise to the mountains of the interior, many of which soar over 13,000 feet above sea level. In the west, a seemingly endless succession of brown-sand beaches forms the nation's Pacific coast. Puntarenas is your gateway to Costa Rica's wonders and to its capital city of San Jose.
18 May 2020
At Sea
19 May 2020
6:00pm 6:30am Fuerte Amador, Puerto Amador, Panama
Fuerte Amador, situated at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal is a manmade peninsula extending out into the Pacific Ocean. This one-mile causeway connects four small islands. There are shops and restaurants on a large marina that provides a panoramic view of Panama City's impressive skyline and serves as the home for the Smithsonian Institute of Tropical Research. A major cruise hub, this bustling port provides a great launching point for further exploration. From here, take in the sights of Panama City, the region's dynamic trade capital.
20 May 2020
4:30pm 6:00am Transit Panama Canal, At Sea, Panama
Panama Canal
Considered by many to be the eighth wonder of the world, it's not surprising that travellers across the globe aspire to one day witness this marvel of engineering up close. The result of several nations' historic efforts, a Panama Canal cruise is truly a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, best experienced by sailing through on an unforgettable cruise. Whether you appreciate the miraculous engineering that went into the making of the Panama Canal or the thrill of cruising a historically significant region of the world. The massive locks control the level of water in the Panama Canal enabling ships to pass through this 51-mile "water bridge". This entire trip takes about nine hours. Ships are lifted and lowered a total of 170 feet as they pass from the Caribbean to the Pacific, crossing over the Isthmus of Panama and straight through the Continental Divide.
21 May 2020
5:00pm 8:00am Cartagena, Colombia
This modern and bustling city, seaport and commercial centre still boasts much of its original Spanish colonial architecture. Explore this beautiful and historic city's walled Old Town. Its fortress walls, quaint, narrow streets and balconied houses are all vivid reminders of its former colonialists. The city's numerous monasteries, plazas and noble mansions are significant links to this region's grand past.
22 May 2020
At Sea
23 May 2020
At Sea
24 May 2020
4:00pm 7:00am Fort Lauderdale, USA
Seven miles of perfect beaches welcome the seagoing traveller to Ft. Lauderdale. Renowned for sun and water sports, the city also offers fine shopping along the River walk and a perfect jumping-off point for a tour of the Everglades.
25 May 2020
At Sea
26 May 2020
At Sea
27 May 2020
At Sea
28 May 2020
At Sea
29 May 2020
6:00pm 8:00am St John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Canada's oldest settlement is the gateway to the scenic wonders of New Brunswick, which remains remarkably unspoiled with 85 percent of the province still unsettled with vast expanses of forests, hills, streams, and a spectacular coastline dotted by historic and charming towns.
30 May 2020
At Sea
31 May 2020
At Sea
01 Jun 2020
At Sea
02 Jun 2020
8:00pm 7:00am Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik is the gateway to Iceland's stunning natural wonders, which range from ice fields to boiling thermal pools. The landscape on the island seems to be in a continual process of transformation much like its society, which blends Nordic tradition with sophisticated technology.
03 Jun 2020
6:00pm 8:00am Isafjordur, Iceland
Iceland, the second largest island in Europe, is a natural wonder of active volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, desert plateaus, and a midnight sun. The air is startlingly clean, and ideal for communing with nature, Iceland style -- fjord fishing, river rafting and whale watching. On its north-western peninsula, the rock formations that make up the fjords date back 14 million years. And some of the country's oldest and best-preserved buildings remain in this former trading post.
04 Jun 2020
5:00pm 7:00am Akureyri, Iceland
Iceland is a place of delightful contradictions where flowers flourish amid ice and snow. Some of nature's most powerful antics, from active volcanoes to geothermal phenomena, exist only a few miles from charming towns and major cultural centres. For those in search of the unexpected, the surprises begin in Akureyri, Iceland's second-largest city.
05 Jun 2020
At Sea
06 Jun 2020
6:00pm 8:00am Lerwick, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom
The Shetland Islands have a rich Viking heritage with a distinct dialect and culture from mainland Scotland. This windswept, sea-lashed archipelago is a lush green haven for birds. And it also offers some of Scotland's most stunning archaeological remains. Of the 100 islands, only 15 of them are inhabited. Lerwick is its largest settlement.
07 Jun 2020
At Sea
08 Jun 2020
At Sea
09 Jun 2020
  5:00am Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.