17 Aug
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Day 1 - Mon 17 Aug 2020
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch engineering-its dams, sea gates, and the 19-mile dyke walling out the Zuider Zee-prevent this low-lying country from being reclaimed by the North Sea. The marsh that originally surrounded Amsterdam has steadily disappeared beneath the expanding city, where many of the... Read More

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17 Aug 2020
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
Dutch engineering-its dams, sea gates, and the 19-mile dyke walling out the Zuider Zee-prevent this low-lying country from being reclaimed by the North Sea. The marsh that originally surrounded Amsterdam has steadily disappeared beneath the expanding city, where many of the buildings are supported by an estimated five million wood caissons driven into the mire. Vibrant, fascinating and always alive, Amsterdam is imbued with the quality the Dutch call "gezelligheid." Explore the city's 700-year-old streets, marvel at its stepped-gable houses, cruise down its bustling canals, and browse its colourful flower markets.
18 Aug 2020
  12:00am Zeebrugge, Bruges, Belgium
The port city of Zeebrugge, known as "the gateway to Belgium," provides a beautiful first impression for one of the most vibrant and creative countries in the world. Discover Brussels, capital of Belgium, with its medieval architecture and modern cuisine, plus two of the best preserved cities in Europe, the Flemish Ghent and Bruges.
19 Aug 2020
At Sea
20 Aug 2020
  12:00am L'Orient, France
When merchants trading with India set up warehouses here in the 17th century, the location became known as L'Orient. Subsequently it developed as a shipbuilding centre. In the Second World War it was a U-Boat base and three massive reinforced-concrete structures were built to keep the submarines under cover: the base is now a museum. Close to L'Orient harbour is the Cite de la Voile (City of Sailing) a modern interactive exhibition and museum with 11 giant screens and audio-surround to recreate the sights and sounds of sailing. Nearby is the marine survey ship Thalassa, which is now a museum of oceanography. Across the bay in Port Louis (there are regular ferries) are the National Maritime Museum and French East Indies Company Museum. They are both housed in magnificent 16th century military buildings.
21 Aug 2020
  12:00am Le'verdon, France
A charming destination in beautiful countryside, this is your chance to soak up the unique ambience of the South West of France. Situated at Point de Grave, where water from the Atlantic meets the gushing Gironde estuary, Le Verdon will appeal to you if you love the great outdoors or fine wines. Offering a beguiling mix of forests and beaches, dunes and hiking paths there's plenty to do if you fancy an independent, active day ashore. The Fort of Verdon and the Cordouan Lighthouse (the oldest in France, visited by boat) are both local sights. Further afield, the Bordeaux wine region, covering some 270,000 acres, beckons.
22 Aug 2020
  12:00am Bilbao, Spain
As the cultural heart of Spain's celebrated Basque country, the shining city of Bilbao is filled with Gothic architecture and landmarks that herald its centuries-old history. But the more modern additions to this post-industrial port town namely, the spectacular Guggenheim Museum seem to be drawing the most attention these days.
23 Aug 2020
  12:00am Ferrol, Spain
The Port of Ferrol was named for a lighthouse (farol) that once stood at the entrance to the harbor. With natural conditions that support ocean-going traffic, the Port of Ferrol has always been a center for trade and naval activity. Visitors to the Port of Ferrol will want to see the Castillo de San Felipe at the opening to the bay and the Castillo de Nogueirosa with its high walls and large keep. The port also contains several good beaches, and it sits on a beautiful bay.
24 Aug 2020
  12:00am Oporto, Portugal
Brimming with atmosphere, Oporto is a city your camera will adore. From the medieval Ribiera district, snap cask-laden wooden boats and the iron Dom Luis Bridge that spans the River Douro. And capture the city's exquisite blue and white tiles, especially those that so beautifully grace the exteriors of the Carmo and Capela das Almas churches
25 Aug 2020
  12:00am Lisbon, Portugal
Lisbon, the cultural centre and capital of Portugal, is located at the mouth of the Tagus River. The port's strategic location brought about Portugal's great wave of exploration during the 15th century. Trade routes from the east brought rich and varied spices, textiles and foreign influences. Today, the soaring, mile-and-a-half-long 25th of April Bridge greets you as you enter the harbour.
26 Aug 2020
  12:00am Seville, Spain
The passionate nature of Sevillanos is evident in their devotion to bullfighting, flamenco, and fiesta. Food too, it appears, as Seville is credited with the invention of tapas. Join in with the locals as they graze from bar to bar, making an entire meal out of the experience. The city also has a rich history evident in its old quarters and landmarks. The great cathedral is immense, lavishly ornamented with painting and sculpture, and copious quantities of gold. The Alcazar, the main palace, is exquisitely decorated in Moorish style, with themed gardens laid out in terraces. All in all an abundance of riches for all those who come to call.
27 Aug 2020
At Sea
28 Aug 2020
  12:00am Barcelona, Spain
Home to the 1992 Olympics, this cosmopolitan yet Gothic city is a study in contrasts. Take a few extra days to browse the modern shops along the bustling Las Ramblas or explore Barcelona's oldest residential district, the Barri Gotic. And the Picasso Museum is an absolute must-see.
29 Aug 2020
  12:00am Ibiza, Spain
Mountainous Ibiza is known as Isla Blanca, the White Island, perhaps because of the dazzling white walls of the traditional houses and churches that make up the small villages dotting its landscape. Its atmosphere is reminiscent of Greek islands, making it unique among the Balearic Isles, and its rustic beauty attracts artists, as well photo and film shoots. Ibiza's nightlife is legendary, and not to be missed.
30 Aug 2020
  12:00am Cartagena, Spain
Cartagena is an ancient port - the city served as Hannibal's Spanish headquarters during the 2nd Punic War with Rome. The city remained a major trading port under the Romans and the Moors. Today, Cartagena is Spain's principal naval establishment and the site of an annual international maritime festival. The city is also your gateway to the Costa Calida, a region that boasts some of Spain's mildest weather along with 175 miles of beaches.
31 Aug 2020
  12:00am Malaga, Spain
Its privileged location has attracted travellers, merchants, artists and explorers that have left their mark on what is now a cosmopolitan, relaxed and hospitable city. Malaga has an attractive old quarter by its cathedral, two forts, the Alcazaba and Gibralfaro, that offer fine views, gardens and museums, and good shopping on its bustling 'avenidas'. It is the gateway to the beaches of Torremolinos, the exclusive clubs and marina of Marbella, Puerto Banus and the hill village of Mijas.
01 Sep 2020
  12:00am Portimao, Portugal
The commercial port of Portimao is your gateway to Portugal's Algarve, a coastline of dramatic headlands, cliffs and sea caves interrupted by small bays and extraordinary beaches. The low mountains of the coast range are densely carpeted with stands of eucalyptus, cork oak and chestnut trees. While the Algarve has become one of Portugal's most popular resort destinations, the region is also rich in history and culture.
02 Sep 2020
At Sea
03 Sep 2020
  12:00am Funchal, Madeira, Portugal
Much painted by Sir Winston Churchill, Madeira has been offering the British visitor a warm welcome for three centuries, its famous wine the perfect aid to total relaxation! Located off the coast of Africa, Funchal has a timeless charm, delightfully enhanced by a benign climate that fills this 'floating garden' with the year-round colours and perfumes of subtropical flowers and fruit.
04 Sep 2020
At Sea
05 Sep 2020
  12:00am Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
Surrounded by the blue Atlantic, the Azores bring you a chain of nine spectacular islands that will capture your senses like few other places can. Often described as the tip of the lost continent of Atlantis, this picturesque countryside is incredibly fertile and supports a dazzling variety of flowers and natural vegetation. The warm climate and ample rainfall sustain a bustling agriculture that often brings farmers three or four crops per year.
06 Sep 2020
  12:00am Horta, Azores, Portugal
A hugely popular meeting point for intrepid yachties travelling across the mighty Atlantic Ocean, look out for swish private yachts as you cruise into Horta. It was also the favourite stopping-off point for 1930s transatlantic flying boats, as recorded in the fascinating Horta museum. Horta is the capital of Fayal, one of the smallest of the nine remote Azores islands which are 760 miles away from their parent country, Portugal. There is some superb scenery as you tour the island, discovering sheltered bays and hidden coves but, for the most breathtaking views, head for the huge volcanic crater, Caldera.
07 Sep 2020
At Sea
08 Sep 2020
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09 Sep 2020
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10 Sep 2020
At Sea
11 Sep 2020
  12:00am St George Island, Bermuda
The Royal Naval Dockyard, the westernmost point in Bermuda, not only showcases Bermuda's nautical heritage, but it also provides a home for an impressive array of attractions and shopping opportunities. The fortifications of the Royal Naval Dockyard were built by British convicts and slave labour during the mid-1800s. Since then it has served many purposes, including the headquarters for the Royal Navy and a strategic defence post for the British in the North Atlantic.
12 Sep 2020
  12:00am St George Island, Bermuda
13 Sep 2020
At Sea
14 Sep 2020
  12:00am New York, USA
You'll never run out of things to do in the city that never sleeps, from the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square to the city's world-renowned museums, shopping, and vast culinary choices. It's an incredibly diverse and active place, consisting of an intricate patchwork of neighbourhoods, each with its own character and history, yet seamlessly coexisting.