18 Jun
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Day 1 - Tue 18 Jun 2019
Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.

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  • Shipboard accommodations
  • Ocean transportation
  • Most meals
  • Some beverages
  • Most entertainment aboard the vessel

What's not included:

  • Shore excursions
  • Specialty restaurant fees
  • Some beverages
  • Photographs
  • Gratuities/service fees
  • Medical services
  • Spa treatments

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Day Date Port Arrive Depart
18 Jun 2019
    Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.
19 Jun 2019
At Sea
20 Jun 2019
  12:00am Newcastle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom
There has been a port on the Tyne at least since the Romans used their settlement of Arbeia to supply the garrison of Hadrian's Wall.
21 Jun 2019
  12:00am Leith, United Kingdom
Edinburgh is one of those places that everyone wants to visit. Strewn across a series of rocky hills, its winding streets are lined with Georgian buildings, spires and monuments, and overlooked by the city's iconic medieval fortress. Over in Multrees Walk, meanwhile, designer stores and pavement cafes jostle for your attention. And come sundown, the city bursts into life as people spill out of the packed bars and restaurants.
22 Jun 2019
  12:00am Invergordon, United Kingdom
Soak up the unmistakable Scottish Highlands, shrouded in myth and folklore. Amidst conical hills and verdant glens, seek out Loch Ness and scan its glassy surface for the legendary 'monster'. Visit Culloden Moor where Bonnie Prince Charlie was defeated, Cawdor Castle - forever linked with Macbeth - and regional whisky distilleries bearing their own famous names.
23 Jun 2019
At Sea
24 Jun 2019
  12:00am Greenock, United Kingdom
About 30 miles east of Greenock, Glasgow is known as the "Second City of the Empire". One of Britain's liveliest cities, a recent rejuvenation along with many priceless art collections draws visitors to the city centre. From Glasgow, venture out into the rich farmland and salmon streams of the Lowlands, visit the scenic lochs, or spend time in the city's shopping districts and art galleries.
25 Jun 2019
  12:00am Holyhead, Wales, United Kingdom
It's claimed that Holyhead was founded by St Cybi, a Breton priest who came here in the middle of the 6th century. Although it is best known as a busy ferry port, it has excellent fishing and sailing facilities, as well as good local beaches. Several prehistoric sites are nearby, including ancient burial chambers.
26 Jun 2019
  12:00am Liverpool, United Kingdom
Liverpool is one of the few cities in the world where ocean-going cruise ships can berth in the city centre, providing a spectacular addition to the waterfront skyline.
27 Jun 2019
  12:00am Belfast, United Kingdom
Capital of Northern Ireland, Belfast was a big industrial city in the 19th century, famous for its linens and shipyards city of great pride that was transformed by the Industrial Revolution. Belfast curls around the west bank of the River Lagan. Tour its grand public buildings or travel to the mythical Giant's Causeway.
28 Jun 2019
  12:00am Dublin, Ireland
Dublin has experienced a renaissance. Today, this gracious and cosmopolitan city on the Liffey is one of Europe's premier destinations. The capital of the Republic of Ireland, Dublin is an intimate place that is easy to explore. Stroll past St. Stephen's Green or survey the gray, stone facades of Trinity College, Ireland's oldest university. The city is also remarkably well-preserved - every June 16, scholars retrace the paths of James Joyce's characters in the novel "Ulysses," set in Dublin on June 16, 1904.
29 Jun 2019
  12:00am Dublin, Ireland
30 Jun 2019
  12:00am Douglas, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
Douglas Port is the primary and only ferry port on the Isle of Man, with services connecting the island with the British Isles and the Irish mainland. The ferry terminal is situated on the waterfront, on Central Promenade, right in the heart of the city. Facilities at the terminal include the Terrazza Cafe in the Departure lounge and a convenience store, while the shopping amenities in Douglas are close at hand.
01 Jul 2019
  12:00am Fishguard, United Kingdom
Description coming soon
02 Jul 2019
  12:00am Waterford, Ireland
Waterford, a beautiful region of south-eastern Ireland, is best known for its famous lead crystal. Situated on the River Suir, the city and port of Waterford actually dates back to Viking times and retains a medieval character along its busy riverside and buildings from an 18th century expansion.
03 Jul 2019
  12:00am Galway, Ireland
The city of Galway is a free-spirited, artistic and bohemian city, with a warm welcome and an ambience all its own.
04 Jul 2019
At Sea
05 Jul 2019
  12:00am Portree, Isle of Skye, United Kingdom
The centre of life in Portree is its Harbour, and to this day a number of fishing vessels can be seen working, as well as the newer pleasure craft. Attractions in Portree include the Aros Centre and the An Tuireann Arts Centre, both of which celebrate the island's Gaelic heritage.
06 Jul 2019
  12:00am Kollafjordur, Faroe Islands
Located on the island of Streymoy. As of 2012, the village has a population almost 800. It is a village which has developed length-wise along the main road with a few shops. The northern shore line of the road adjoins the fjord.
07 Jul 2019
At Sea
08 Jul 2019
  12:00am Akureyri, Iceland
Iceland is a place of delightful contradictions where flowers flourish amid ice and snow. Some of nature's most powerful antics, from active volcanoes to geothermal phenomena, exist only a few miles from charming towns and major cultural centres. For those in search of the unexpected, the surprises begin in Akureyri, Iceland's second-largest city.
09 Jul 2019
  12:00am Isafjordur, Iceland
Iceland, the second largest island in Europe, is a natural wonder of active volcanoes, glaciers, fjords, desert plateaus, and a midnight sun. The air is startlingly clean, and ideal for communing with nature, Iceland style -- fjord fishing, river rafting and whale watching. On its north-western peninsula, the rock formations that make up the fjords date back 14 million years. And some of the country's oldest and best-preserved buildings remain in this former trading post.
10 Jul 2019
  12:00am Reykjavik, Iceland
Reykjavik is the gateway to Iceland's stunning natural wonders, which range from ice fields to boiling thermal pools. The landscape on the island seems to be in a continual process of transformation much like its society, which blends Nordic tradition with sophisticated technology.
11 Jul 2019
  12:00am Reykjavik, Iceland
12 Jul 2019
  12:00am Patreksfjordur, Iceland
Ship Deck
Patreksfjordur belongs to the Westfjords collection of fjords, which are in the far northwest of Iceland. Witness the beauty of this a sparsely populated, rugged territory intertwined with fjords.
13 Jul 2019
  12:00am Husavik, Iceland
With its stunning views of the snow-capped peaks of the Kinnarfjoll Mountains across the bay, Husavik is a picturesque harbour town that can't be missed. As Iceland's whale-watching capital, it is one of the prettiest fishing towns on the country's north-east coast. As well has having several interesting museums, including the bizarre and unique Phallological Museum, it's also close to lake Botnsvatn famed for its bird life, rich vegetation and trout fishing.
14 Jul 2019
At Sea
15 Jul 2019
  12:00am Torshavn, Faroe Islands
Torshavn is one of the smallest capitals in the world but is big on incredible scenery and nature. Located northwest of Scotland, Torshavn offers fresh air, deep blue ocean views, amazing vertical sea cliffs and green mountains with picturesque valleys. The breathtaking natural beauty will amaze and inspire.
16 Jul 2019
  12:00am Lerwick, Shetland Islands, United Kingdom
The Shetland Islands have a rich Viking heritage with a distinct dialect and culture from mainland Scotland. This windswept, sea-lashed archipelago is a lush green haven for birds. And it also offers some of Scotland's most stunning archaeological remains. Of the 100 islands, only 15 of them are inhabited. Lerwick is its largest settlement.
17 Jul 2019
  12:00am Bergen, Norway
Bergen is called the "Gateway to the Fjords," as it is a great launching point for a tour of nature's Hardangerfjord, Sognefjord and Geirangerfjord. This city has a wonderful mix of architectural styles that add to its 18th-century charm. And as birthplace of virtuoso violinist Ole Bull and pianist Edvard Grieg, Bergen is considered the cultural capital of Norway.
18 Jul 2019
  12:00am Stavanger, Norway
Stavanger is blessed with history and natural beauty. It boasts an advantageous location on the south-western coast with some of Norway's best weather. From the old port, the city radiates across a network of islands interlaced with graceful bridges.
19 Jul 2019
  12:00am Kristiansand, Norway
Norway's fifth largest city was founded by Christian IV in the year 1641 as a market town and administrative centre on Norway's then-strategic southern coast. The city is separated from Denmark by the Skagerrak, the long strait that connects the Baltic and North Seas. Today the capital of the Agst-Vedder region is one of Norway's most popular vacation destinations: the city and the surrounding countryside boast the sunniest summer weather in Norway.
20 Jul 2019
  12:00am Oslo, Norway
Oslo is the oldest and least populous capital in Scandinavia. The city offers excellent theatre, great cafe's and quality shopping, as well as a rich history, with some of the most fabled maritime legends in the world as homeland to the seafaring Vikings.
21 Jul 2019
  12:00am Copenhagen, Denmark
Copenhagen, largest city and capital of Denmark, is home and final resting place of author Hans Christian Andersen, and, in fact, the fairy tale feel of the city is everywhere, from the coppery green towers alongside gingerbread houses to the cobblestone streets lined with bikes and warm people.
22 Jul 2019
  12:00am Skagen, Denmark
This seaside town is one of Denmark's main fishing ports, a cute little get-away destination with lovely beaches. In the late 19th century the wild landscape and quality of light drew the attention of artists, who came to paint and take a break from the city.
23 Jul 2019
At Sea
24 Jul 2019
  12:00am Zeebrugge, Bruges, Belgium
The port city of Zeebrugge, known as "the gateway to Belgium," provides a beautiful first impression for one of the most vibrant and creative countries in the world. Discover Brussels, capital of Belgium, with its medieval architecture and modern cuisine, plus two of the best preserved cities in Europe, the Flemish Ghent and Bruges.
25 Jul 2019
  12:00am Southampton, United Kingdom
Southampton benefits from a sheltered location, unique "double tides". The port is the busiest cruise terminal and second largest container port in the UK.